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Monday, May 30, 2011

Putting Your Best Face Forward: Say "Cheese!"

Most everyone likes a photo of themselves to represent them at their best, and with summer time comes the making of many wonderful memories that you’ll want to capture.
If you are in the photos you’ll no doubt want to put your best face forward. So, how to look your best in any photo taken of you?
photo by flickr user: landofnodstudios
1. Make sure that your clothes fit properly and compliment you and your body shape.
2. Solid color apparel works best, but if you want something floral or printed tiny patterns work best as bold large patterns take the focus off of you and onto the item of clothing.
3. Avoid plaids,polka dots, and stripes that go in a horizontal direction,or shiny and sparkly fabrics. They also cause a distraction in the creation of a good portait.
4. Wear clothing that compliments your skin tones. For light skin tones wear colors like blue. For darker skin tones choose colors like browns,orange,yellow.
5. White tops will sometimes make your skin tones look washed out,while black can make you look lost in the background.
6. Textures such as wool,linen,lace help to add extra interest to the photos.
7. If your skin tends to be oily bring along a tissue or hanky for lightly blotting your skin.
8. Women: if you don’t normally wear certain types of makeup or makeup at all, don’t fake it. Do without if it isn’t in your normal routine to begin with. But if you normally do wear lipstick choose a nuetral tone and top with a gloss. Add a little extra eye shadow to help eyes to pop more. Use foundation or a tinted moisturizer to cover any blemishes.
9. For under eye circles use a concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone.
10. Get your rest before a photo session. Being tired shows in a photo even if you have used makeup to try to conceal the fact.
11. Don’t fake a will tell on you. Think about something that makes you truly happy, a joke, a funny incident,stand straight and tall with shoulders back and chin up. Stand proud.
12. Do not face the camera straight on, a slight 45 degree angling of your body is best.
13. Choose clutter free backgrounds for photos.
14. Lighting also plays a key in a great photo. Best times of day are early morning or late afternoon slightly before dusk.

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