Capturing the fun and joy of childhood. The giggles,the smiles,and the mischief. One photo at a time.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today's photo session

Absolutely loved this image. He wanted to act like he was climbing up and gazing into the height of the trees. I loved the upward gaze and that look of sheer wonder and awe in his eyes. My personal title for this one if I was to give it a title  would be "Above and Beyond" 
Here's a wink for the girls.
More photos? Let me think about it.
Aww well maybe... if I can make a funny face.
o.k. I'll smile. I promise.
 A Tom Sawyer moment.

The dreamer.
This model was so fun to work with. He had both attitude and a real fun sense of humor. Love it when kids get into being behind the camera and ham it up.
Mr. "Cool"

Pouring on the charm. His mama is gonna have to bolt the doors when this kid gets older I think. The girls are gonna be swooning.
The next Sinatra? or?...
Just a little bit of attitude.
Let's give this some thought shall we?

Decided to use his grandfather's vintage marbles during part of the session. Brought to the session in a vintage blue ball jar with zinc lid. Too cool. I set it up to look like he was shooting the marbles. I had to include the pretty jar too and made it look like some of the marbles were pouring out of it.
He had quite the charming grin. 


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Images from the "I love trees" session..:0)

"I love trees! I really do!"
Gotta kick up your heels every now and again eh? LOL
This little model was excited to be out amongst the trees. She had fun and at one point looked at me and said "I love trees, I really do!" then she proceeded to toss her arms around the tree, a perfect moment of love for nature captured in her gaze.
Loved the back lighting here. She had fun playing peek a boo.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

From a recent photo shoot.

This was a fun session.The little model had a great time and had a natural grace and charm.