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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Book Review: Photo Adventures For Kids ( Rocky Nook Books/ Anne- Laure Jacquart)

A new year on the horizon, and time for new adventures with your family!
I am a photographer, and as such I’m always on the look out for new and exciting references on enhancing my art,work,skills, and broadening my education, but this time I came across another really great resource for the photographer… a way to get your kids involved as well. Because even though I am a photographer..I am also a mom who has home educated my children for well over 10 years.
So it is fun to find something that I am passionate about and with which I can share these adventures with my children also.
This book starts out as an introduction from a great mystery solver enlisting your  child/children’s help to discover the mystery of great photography.It encourages parents to be supportive of their child’s creative endeavors with a little note to parents about the scope/objectives of the book contents.
It then takes children on the journey of discovering how to care for their camera, and what the different settings on the camera are used for.
The book then offers different practice sessions( assignments/mysteries to discover) to test the skills learned.
Topics covered include such things as: avoiding blurry pictures,proper framing,deciding what will be the main focus of the image,deciding whether to frame an image vertically or horizontally, cropping an image,composition tips and how to create a 3d effect with your photos.
I found this book to be both well written as well as a great learning tool for children beginning their journey towards venturing into the art and passion that photography can become. I highly recommend it!
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